How to: Calm your Christmas Chaos!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

I know a lot of women (and men of course) who start to get stressed at this time of the year and find themselves juggling more balls than normal! This merry season seems to bring as many woes as it does joy and so putting a few fail safe, de-stressing ideas in to place can be helpful to anyone...

Present Buying

It seems every year there is more and more people to buy for so while things are still financially tight set yourself some spending rules and don't be afraid to stick to them! For last couple of years I have agreed with both mine and the OH's family to only buy for young and old people, we get presents for nieces, nephews, grandparents and friends children and that is all, the exception is that OH and I get presents for each other but no other adults in our life, this has worked well for everyone and saved both sides of our family a lot of money, especially as incomes don't always match. If you can't agree with your families to do this then set a maximum spend and be very clear with yourself and others that that is your limit, what ever you do try not to use your credit card or borrow money, it's the thought that counts!

One more thing, if you haven't tried it before, buy online even try buying some of your food, alcohol, table wear and present wrapping essential, it will make a difference!

Spending time with others

Wether it's your in-laws on Christmas day, work colleagues at the Christmas party or your annoying neighbour's pre Christmas drinks being prepared for these moments will definitely reduce any anxiety fuelled meltdowns! Firstly de-stress before the event, whether it's going for run, practicing yoga or dancing and singing to your favourite tunes while you get ready, getting any tension or frustration out of your system will help to manage these situations better and with out drama! Next preempt any potential scenario that might cause you any distress and think about how you are going to handle it, preferably with out hard liquor! You can always ask a friend, partner or family member to help you out before hand should things get tricky, have a code word or agreement of what you will do to enable to you avoid any mishaps!

Dinner and all the trimmings

Well I am not going to profess that I know any great life altering plans to make a seamless successful turkey dinner as I have never yet had the task of doing one myself but I have watch many others fuss and fret over theirs and have picked up some tips along the way to use at some point, maybe! Even if you are not a natural born planner, this is one occasion where having even the briefest plan will help! Ask everyone to chip in and help, designate jobs to all the different people who will be eating at the table, even the youngest guest can help lay the cutlery and crackers, my brother always helped my mum with the veg and I have always volunteered with making Christmas cakes and mince pies! Know your limits, make the dishes you do the best and if you do try something new, have a practice run the week before, a good excuse to have two Christmas dinners! My mums top tip is to peel and chop all the veg the day before store in containers and pop them in the fridge, then Christmas morning just put them on the stove!

The most important thing is to actually enjoy yourself, don't let Christmas become about how much money you spend on presents or how perfect everything needs to be, spending time with people you care about, embracing old family traditions or trying out new one and creating some precious memories is what will make it memorable!

This Christmas we will be mostly looking forward to being with family, watching old Christmas movies, enjoying Buck's Fizz while we open presents, eating turkey left overs, and making Christmas cookies!

What are your top tips to calm Christmas Chaos?

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