Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 27

Monday, 26 November 2012

"Having experiences to share with others and making memories are more important and valuable than having lots of money and owning expensive things" - My Auntie Di

At the weekend LC and traveled to Dorset to visit my Aunt for a bit of a catch up. We got talking about life and all it's ups and downs and she said something with me that really struck a chord. It's not word for word but its the gist of what she was saying and she is right, all the money, fancy gadgets and designer handbags in the world can't bring you true happiness. Having meaningful times that you can look back on and cherish bring greater value and contentment to your world, have people around you that you connect with can bring you more joy that the latest status symbol.

She said that it seems to her that people have all these things but they can just act as a band aid for the things that really make us feel worthy and successful and reminded me that life experiences like being a mother and travelling the world will bring me more contentment than, expensive shoes or eating at the latest fashionable restaurant. Sometimes on a night when neither me or the OH are working we take LC down the road to the pub for dinner, it's one of those chain pubs, you know, buy one meal get another free, it cheap, the food is crap mostly and the service a little hit and miss but the 3 of us have such a good time together talking about our day, singing and reading stories with LC watching her chatter away to everybody and making us laugh with her cute funny ways! These are the times that are worth more than anything money could buy us, we all have each other, we have built such cherished memories of our little families and hopefully, have years of exciting times to come, all of us together!
LC's Christmas Fairy Decoration

So this Christmas we have decide to concentrate on all the traditions, events and little things we can do to make it extra special, instead of buying heaps of expensive showy presents that LC doesn't even understand the value of, after all this could be our last Christmas in this country! We have her and each other just a few small gifts but are now planning lots of fun adventure and family time together to really enjoy the spirit of Christmas together! Some ideas are a visit to Santa, several popcorn and Christmas movie might, a trip on the Santa Express with LC's Granny and cousins and an official "lights on" ceremony for Grandad's spectacular outdoors Christmas lights, whole street are coming with mulled wine and mince pies, then there's Christmas baking with the other Grandma and hand delivering as many cards as we can to all our friends and family, this family time at Christmas with my little family is what I treasure, more than anything! What memories and experiences will you be making this Christmas?

LC's Snowman Decoration

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