Monday's Moment of Wisdom - Pearl Number 22

Monday, 10 September 2012

"Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle" - Bill Phillips

Well my August blogging holiday is over, not that it was planned but that is how things worked out! Its been a stressful month for various reasons and I have found it easier to just have a little break!

Source K Hohenadel

Anyway it's time to get going again so here we are! My sources of stress are still hanging but I am trying to learn how to manage them better so I can still achieve all I need to and want to. So instead I am trying some thing new, I am going to look each one in the eye and decide what it can do to propel me forward and use this stress in a positive way to make a better happier life, rather than letting it consume me and get me down.

One thing that always helps to manage stresses better is talking, and normally I will talk to everyone and anyone about them, yes I'm one of those! But I do believe a problem shared is a problem halved and have found comfort and strength installing to others about my woes, in fact last weekend at a wedding I spoke to a lovely lady I had never met about some thing that increasing a major obstacle lately and is starting to take its toll on me emotionally, she gave me some amazing words of wisdom and and belief to keep moving forward!

So in the spirit of sharing and helping my fellow man as well as getting some support myself I am linking up with a very talented blogger called Michelle who writes over at
She has come up with Blogging buddies who will be a group of bloggers who all want to achieve similar things (weight loss and improving time management) and want to do this with the help/support of other bloggers. I'm excited to be a part of this and am hoping that I have something valuable to give back to others and get a kind and supportive kick up the backside too from this group of lovely ladies! As the week goes on I will hopefully be linking up with others and posting more about our group so do keep an eye out!

My own personal aims are to deal with weight issues, (I know, I know I have blogged about this before) get some new tips on stress and relaxation and get some support to manage my time better. I'm sure along the way some other things will crop up but hopefully for now these particular problems will get squashed.

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  1. Hi Karen
    I agree talking things through often takes the edge off things even if it doesn't cure them. I'm hoping that as Blogging Buddies we can help each other and get something back for ourselves.
    If we both start with Slimming World we can egg each other on. I know you've got birthdays coming but as long as you're good the rest of time it shouldn't matter at all. In fact sometimes a break from dieting revs up your metabolism so it could be a good thing!
    I've started the day very well - with a wholemeal toast and banana sandwich (very old school but yummy) and a Muller light yoghurt. Now going to do a Slimming World lunch. I couldn't remember what I was going to have when I was in Sainsbury's but knew it involved chicken! Off to have a nose online now.
    Speak soon and well done you - let's DO IT! Hopefully crossing off weight loss from your list will ease some stress and help you cope with other issues.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Just what I needed to get started!

  2. Hey u, hope your okay and not letting the stress get to you to much. Good luck with the weight loss x

  3. That sounds like a fab idea, I could do with some motivation on the weight loss front too! Good luck lovely

  4. I think you look FANTASTIC already.

    And, of course, I love that picture. She is the sweetest, even when screaming.

  5. Thank you everybody, you are all too kind and your lovely words keep me going!x