Friday Feet

Friday, 13 April 2012

Well lots of lovely ladies have been commenting on my feet this week, if you have read my post on receiving The Versatile Blogging Award from the lovely Mrs Jones at Keeping up with the Joneses you'll understand why! So for those ladies and anyone else who is interested here they are!

I am obviously the tiny foot in the middle......

.... and my lovely Canadian friend is the bigger ones trying to squeeze in to my ballet pumps!
(She is a UK size 8 BTW)

So seeing is believing and mostly I have to wear size 4's as I can't always get the shoes I like in my size! This has given me a fabulous idea for a new linky?????????


  1. I have sympathy with your friend, I'm also a UK size 8 : ( And I'm very jealous of people with dainty feet. That said, I'm quite tall so if my feet were small I'd probably topple forwards.

  2. cute!!!

    1. Thanks! Just checked out your blog and love it! X