This is how my morning greets me..............

Friday, 3 February 2012

A cup of peppermint tea, Twinnings is my best, clear skies with a beautiful sunrise and little cutie in her favourite pj's watching her favourite show (Elmo's World!)

So today's task is to really get this moving, I have been thinking about this blog for weeks and now I've started, I can't stop, it's becoming an addiction and I think the boyfriend maybe moaning soon that he is becoming a blog widow!


  1. What a lovely idea, looks like a very good morning :) What a cutie you have, I also have a little girl, she is 2 1/2. I might post my morning soon too - inspired! Thank you for your visit. Congrats on the new blog! x

  2. Thanks mummylish! You are the first person to comment, ever!! I will remember that and pay you back in good will one day! LOL!