Mondays "Moment of Wisdom" - Pearl Number 7

Monday, 27 February 2012

So I had found the perfect bit of wisdom on Saturday as was excited that I was organised and thought about what I wanted to say, I was so sure I had book marked the page on my phone or something, anyway after upgrading itself my phone has now lost my pearl and I'm feeling very sad that its gone.....

I thought about looking for something else but this thought really spoke out to me and struck a cord so instead I going use the half remembered but not quite right version of it and make a note to self to always back myself up with good old fashion pen and paper!!

It goes something like this...

"When you are feeling alive in yourself, you are more able to help others with their own lives"

The actual piece of advice flowed much better but the concept is the same, after last week's crash I am in Phoenix mode and this made me think about what I want to get out of this week, well not only do I want to feel alive, but I want to protect myself from negativities but do my best to help others feel good about their life!

So my mental shield is up and all negative thoughts, feeling, people and experiences will be bouncing off, this is my week of great things and I'm letting nothing getting in the way, any crap that comes my way will be ignored or turned into gold, if possible!

Each day I am going to do one nice thing for someone, because I want to let a little bit of the colour I have found in my life seep into another's, happiness is always better when shared with someone else don't you think?

So here is a little happiness to share with you all from my weekend, my little cutie have fun in the sun!

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