Following my own advice....................

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

........which I wasn't very good at yesterday, so I am going to take this opportunity to turn a negative in to a positive and highlight to everyone the reason I crashed! My little cutie is now 17 months old and on and off over the last 17 months I have suffered with Post Natal Depression (PND), sometimes it last for weeks, like the end of last year, other times for just a day or two, like yesterday and I am so happy that this time I have bounced back almost immediately because like all depression it is sooo consuming.

So I wanted to take the time to highlight some GREAT organisations I know of that help and support women like me!

I am always so shocked and sadden that PND is still a taboo subject and many women are out there still suffering in silence, because it's not shameful, it doesn't mean your a bad mother, you don't have to take anti-depressants to over come it (although they can be life savers for some) and with the right support and help you will get better.

I hope somewhere this will give other women the courage to share and talk about this more!


  1. Hi K - this is a lovely, honest post. I'm glad you are feeling better today.

    I'm loving your blog!


    1. Thank you my friend! And I'm glad you like, that means a lot!!

      x x x

  2. I have had PND and traumatic stress on and off for two years since LIttle A was born. Its starting to lift now. Its very perplexing isnt it - some days you feel fine while others are just awful.

    1. Oh yes!! I also work a lot with women who suffer and its so uplifting seeing a mum getting better and knowing she can beat it! A health visitor friend of mine recommend vitamin B6, it has worked wonders for me! Good idea for a post maybe...???

      Thanks for your support x