Words of Wisdom - Pearl Number 1

Saturday, 14 January 2012

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Well here we are then, my first Pearl of Wisdom!

So what have I got to say, what knowledge or clever anecdote do I have to bestow on to you today?

What will you get out of reading my thoughts and musings on life, love and living the dream?

Read on, and maybe you might just feel enlightened and inspired, or maybe you might just think I'm full of rubbish, who knows but you won't unless you do!

Aristotle has given us the most perfect quote to get started with don't you think? But what does it mean to know yourself, like really know yourself? I can remember being a teenage girl and a young woman in my twenties and looking at women older than me and thinking - wow, she really has her stuff together, so confident, strong and sure of who she is, I hope I'm like that one day!

I wonder if you do the same?

Now I'm in my thirties and most days I still feel like I'm 21, I look at my life and wonder when I will feel grown up, despite being in a long term relationship, becoming a mother and having countless financial responsibilities. However when I do reflect back I can see how far I've come from 21 and I know I understand and feel more sure of myself now than I ever did back then.

But how did that happen then?

Well for a long time I drifted and felt lost, I got myself in to all sorts of situations and learnt what I did and didn't like and what I did and didn't want from my life and each of these experiences, situations and adventures I learnt more about who I wanted to be, but also who I truly was and what I stood for, I came to learn who I really was but to also be proud and courageous of this too.

I wonder what things you've gotten up to find out who you are?

It's been a journey getting to know me, some of good, some of it simply awe inspiring and some of it just absolutely bloody awful and hellish! I have regrets and I have the most amazing memories.  I have also met many people along the way who have shaped me, for the good and the bad times and for wrong or right. I have battled and fought, screamed and cried and have danced and loved and been full of joy. Through out my journey to where I am now I have tried to take notice of what's happening and what I've learnt, about life, about love, about grief and about me, no it's not been easy at times but it's all led me to the point where I am now and I am the most sure of myself and the most comfortable I have ever been.

What does your journey look like, I hope you will share it with me?
And I hope you will keep sharing in mine....

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